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I'm selling 180+ Kattun Clippings over at e-bay!  They are all really good ones too!

Here is the e-bay listing!

Sorry if this isn't allowed!  I  really want to get them to a good fans home!

03 April 2009 @ 06:15 pm
non-no July 2009
Special Photo Session & Talk with Akanishi Jin
Which do you like?

The varied gestures and expressions that he showed to go along with four keywords.... which Akanishi will you be drawn in by?

I want to have a proper relationship and get married... in that sense, I'm the assertive type )
With, April 2009

KAT-TUN is sending out hit singles one by one, and his career as an actor is also enjoying success. How does he retain his fresh and vibrant appeal despite this stable progress? In this special interview, we will take a closer look at Akanishi Jin as he is now.

( the strength to keep walking )

The Television, April 2009

2 new single releases in succession, and six people in high spirits. Everyone gets excited in this forbidden talk about alcohol and cosplay(?)!

( on alcohol, Dragonball, and the May concerts )
30 January 2009 @ 02:52 am

- Translation for Kame's Journal No. 017 & 018
- Taguchi Junnosuke MANUAL No.34 (Koki mentioned)
- AKAME witness
- Nakamaru RESCUE Screencaps
I translated part of Nakamaru's appearance on Hanamaru Cafe last week, where he talks about the other KAT-TUN members.

( according to Nakamaru... )
more updates!! :

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[scans] S'pore's U Weekly featuring Akanishi and Kamenashi originally posted by: minlilin 

hmm.. no classes today so.. i'm making myself busy with these!! XD

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[blog translation] Kame's journal # 14 originally posted by: futari_love 

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24 January 2009 @ 11:10 pm
Some pieces from the March 2009 Popolo:

- Akanishi Jin Anatomical Encyclopedia
- Taguchi x Nakamaru dialogue ~ expose KAT-TUN's secrets!~
- Kame x Jin x Koki x Ueda talk ~ KAT-TUN's legendary accomplishments

( fake cut to translations )

There are so many tags to choose from. @___@ I tried. Sorry if they are wrong/lacking/etc.
okay, this community is not being so active. so i decided to do the posting. :P.

[translation] Myojo 2004 originally posted by: tsuki_3 

[translation] Popolo 2009 originally posted by: likeafox 

[blog translations] Kamenashi Kazuya journal # 10 and # 11
originally posted by : futari_love 

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