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bringing all scans into one place.♥
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KAT-TUN Scans is a community that gathers all magazine scans, translations and shop photos of the boyband KAT-TUN in one place. The Founder is and the current moderators are and
Who is KAT-TUN?
KAT-TUN is a six member Japanese boyband. They are famous worldwide for their talents and good looks. KAT-TUN is composed of, K- Kamenashi Kazuya ; A- Akanishi Jin ; T- Taguchi Junnosuke ; T- Tanaka Koki ; U- Ueda Tatsuya ; N- Nakamaru Yuichi. As for now, they are still being as popular as ever, so if you love them and you want to keep updated with scans, then this is definitely the place for you.
•Before joining or posting, make sure to read these rules and review the tags.

•Always check the tags before requesting.

•Make sure that your scans have KAT-TUN in it, or else it would be deleted.

•All post must contain at least, one scan.

•When posting, have at least one thumbnail/preview.

•Follow the rules of the poster. Credit them and if needed, leave a comment.

•NO bashing of other members. Play nice or you'll be kicked out.

•NO LJ-cuts that'll lead into F-locked Entries, indicate which day the post would be locked.

•Thumbnails are allowed, so please put the bigger scans behind an LJ-cut.

•Shop photos/ official photos are also allowed, but when tagging, make sure that you indicate if it's shot during a pv, a concert, or just randomly.

•Translations are also allowed.

•Absolutely NO fanarts

•Don't place watermarks on the artists' face or body parts.

•Always credit, do not claim them as your own.

•If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave any of the mods, a message.

•and of course, lastly, please enjoy your time here in !
We are all aware that having tags would make the community more organized. So please read how tags work in this community.

1) When tagging, indicate whether your post contains magazine scans (thus you’d write the tag, *scans) translations (*translations) or shop photos (*shop photos).

2) When your post contains magazine scans, you’d have to tag which year (year: YEAR HERE) magazine (magazine: MAG HERE) and who is included in the scans. Example, if the magazine has all kat-tun members, then tag it as (members: group) but if, for example, Kame is the only featured KAT-TUN member in it, then tag it as (members: Kamenashi Kazuya).

3) Still regarding posts containing magazine scans, members can add new tags, and it would be implied when tagging by magazines. I don’t know every single magazines out there, so only the ones I’m familiar with are on the tags already. So if your magazine is still not there, then please add a new tag using this format, (magazine: NAME OF MAG). I hope everyone’s clear about this.

4) About shop photos, please indicate where it was taken. Meaning, if the shop photo was taken during a concert, we tag it as (shop photos: concert) if it was taken during a pv shooting, tag it as (shop photos: PV) if it was taken during musicals, then please tag it as (shop photos: musicals) and if it was taken randomly, then tag it as (shop photos: random).

5) Lastly, regarding the user’s tag. If you are going to post, please tag your username also, for example, you posted a magazine scan, then include in your tags, (user: USERNAME HERE) If you have any questions about this, then, please contact any of the mods.

Before making any requests, please take a look at the tags first. And if posting a request, fill you subject (*request) and when tagging place *request also.
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